Welcome toThe world’s first farathon

To prove that our all new Volvo 7900 Hybrid takes you further we set up a race against a modern diesel bus. In a strictly controlled environment, and under same condition, the two combatants had a showdown on a real race track. Competing in disciplines like "fuel consumption" and "exhaust emissions".

Volvo 7900 Farathon
*Fuel saving of up to 39%
57°W 11°E

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Welcome to the track

The tests take place at the City Race Arena in Gothenburg. As the name indicates it’s a tight, tricky and very unforgiving circuit. Relevant for a bus test? Actually, yes. City bus traffic is an endless series of acceleration, braking and tight corners.

High-speed curve

An open 60° right-hand turn. Even in city traffic there are stretches that allow a little more speed. A curve of this type imposes high demands of suspension, shock absorbers and structural stability, while at the same time to maintaining passenger comfort.

Traffic lights

Not all common on a racetrack. But in city traffic they’re everywhere. And the more starts and stops there are, the more you’ll benefit from a hybrid bus, which recovers as much as possible of the vehicle's braking energy.

The long straight

Wide and straight. The fastest cars reach 250+ km/h here. But for buses it’s more vital to accelerate efficiently and cope with tight schedules – while operating smoothly enough to maintain passenger comfort.

The Hairpin

A tight curve after a long straight is a challenge. The driver has to brake at the right point and find the right speed through the curve. Too fast is uncomfortable, too slow means unnecessary acceleration afterwards, which costs fuel.

The S-curve

These chicane-like S-curves are more common than you might think. In and out of terminals, lane changes on some stretches of road. Here, manoeuvrability and suspension are put to the test. Not to mention brakes and driveline, which have to cope with an uninterrupted series of straights and curves.

The bus stop

At the bus stop the Volvo 7900 Hybrid can approach and move off silently and with zero emissions. Thanks to the Volvo I-SAM hybrid system, all vital functions run without interruption even when the diesel engine is turned off.

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